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Welcome to Tricia Burt's Web site!

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As a memorial to Sister Addie Kay Hartsinck, Sisters Sara Eby, Tricia Burt and Jody Hall worked to reproduce a song sung at Addie Kay's funeral years ago. With Brother John Frech's help, that song plays in the background of Addie Kay's website.

Listen to"The Power of Heaven" by Tricia and Sarah Eby

Watch for my book soon!

"It Is OK To Be Happy!" is a follow-up book to Wade's book "From The Strip Club To The Temple"

Along with our family book, read as I describe the blessings and challenges of my life in the hope that my experiences might give another person hope in their life.

Life before October 2002

What an amazing life!

I lived in California, graduated from BYU, went on a mission to Spain, and moved to Tennessee!

Life after October 2002

Just when I thought I had it all figured out, the world changed.

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I have abandoned my private picture space on this website in lieu of Facebook. Catch my profile here.

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